4.27.18 / Petition presented & denied

The linked petition was presented to Saint Gobain on April 27, 2018, and denied.

2.15.18 / MCFCW met with NH Medical Association

Members of MCFCW met with New Hampshire Medical Association in Concord on February 15, 2018 to discuss the need for physician support in the area of PFAS education and health monitoring for patients in exposed communities.

2.12.18 / MCFCW met with DHHS

Members of MCFCW met with DHHS on February 12, 2018 to discuss the community cancer incidence data and received a letter to our community from Lisa Morris, Director, NH Division of Public Health Services.

10.10.17 / NHDES and DHHS met with MCFCW

NH Department of Environmental Sciences and Department of Health and Human Services discussed the ongoing investigation and the new blood test results.

9.29.2017 / NH DHHS Meeting

Representatives from MCFCW met with DHHS at their Concord, NH offices to present the results from our community health survey and to advocate for their support

8.16.2017 / Town Hall Meeting

We held a public meeting at James Mastricola Upper Elementary School's All Purpose Room to share findings about the results of the community survey and hear from featured speakers, Representative Mindi Messmer and Representative Jim McConnell, who spoke on both PFAS and the state of water concerns in NH. Concerns, challenges, goals and next steps were outlined.

6.23.2017 / MCFCW launches Community PFOA Concerns Health Survey

6.14-15.2017 / Highly Fluorinated Compounds Conference, Northeastern University

We participated in and presented at this important event at Northeastern University attended by the likes of community members and activists in addition to the Silent Spring Institute, Toxic Actions Center, US Environmental Protection Agency, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, New Hampshire Public Radio, The Intelligencer, Keep Your Promises DuPont, Green Science Policy Institute, and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.  

This two-day conference in Boston addressed the social, scientific, political, economic, and environmental health issues raised by per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs), examining both exposure in consumer products and discrete historic and recent contamination discoveries in drinking water and soil around the world.

View slides from our presentation here

3.23.2017 / Merrimack Town Council meeting

MCFCW was on the agenda, representatives introduced our concerns, needs and asked to be considered as a collaborative resource

3.5.2017 /  Boston Environmental Action Conference

At this conference we presented our community case study and facilitated a “next steps" workshop in collaboration with Boston University Environmental Health Department. 

9.8.2016 / Presentation of Petition to Town Council

8.31.2016 / Petition for Public Water Filtration and Blood Tests Opened to Citizens